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01 Standard Mixes

Standard 20mm Mix, 10 Mpa to 50 Mpa Standard 10mm Mix, 10 Mpa to 50 Mpa

02 ShotCrete

25 Mpa to 40 Mpa

03 PumpMix

Structural 20mm PumpMix, 20 Mpa to 50 Mpa

Structural 10mm PumpMix, 20 Mpa to 50 Mpa

Fineline 10mm PumpMix, 20Mpa to 50 Mpa

Blockfill 7mm stone, 17.5 Mpa to 40 Mpa

We can arrange a pump for your convenience

04 Coloured Concrete

We use Peter Fell Oxides visit for a full range of colours and sealers. Decorative Concrete available on request.

05 The Environment

All our Concrete is Manufactured in accordance with NZS3104, using ECO-CEM, High Performance, Low Carbon, Cement visit