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01 Sitemix Concrete

How It Works

Sand, Stone and Cement are loaded into separate bins, Water and Additives are stored in separate tanks on the truck.

Once we are on site the operator simply adjusts the dual control aggregate flow gates to ensure the correct amount of sand and stone are delivered for the mix, a conveyor belt under the aggregate bins delivers the precise amount of aggregate to the mixing auger.

Cement is accurately dispensed via a screw, and as the cement and other materials enter the mixing auger, water and additives are metered out to deliver the correct slump.

Once the pour has been completed the Omnex Batch Computer prints of a ticket that gives you the total Cubic Metres including individual totals for the Cement, Water, Sand and Stone that has been used on your job.

02 Capacity for those remote or larger jobs

We have two 6x4 Hinos with Reimers RA500 Units giving us the ability to pour anything from a fence post to house floor, or for those more remote or larger pours we can deliver all the materials to your site, and you can use one of our trucks as an onsite plant, where one truck can produce up to 50m3/hour of fresh concrete, no need for retarders, waiting for trucks, measures and adding water on site.

03 Testing

If required we can take a set of cylinders from your pour, have them tested by Holcim’s IANZ Accredited Lab at Bombay, and we will supply you with a copy of that test result.

04 Save Money and the Environment

We only make what you need and that’s all you pay for, there’s no waste. For example, you buy a 1000m3 of concrete a year on average 5% of concrete is returned, that’s 50m3 of concrete wasted or $10,000.00 @ $200.00/m3, or 50tn of Stone, 48tn of sand, 12tn of cement and 8000ltrs of water, that would otherwise go to landfill.

05 Recycling

Our 20mm mixes use a blend of aggregates that include 65% recycled aggregate.

06 Pumping

We can organise a pump that will suit your specific concrete job.